“Sai Home Foods” was established by Mrs Sarala Srinivas in the year 2014 at Vijayawada with the passion to provide healthy homemade pickles across the nation. 

As we all know work and family are two main strands of every woman’s life, women usually have to encounter a wide range of challenges especially if she is an entrepreneur. Initially, Mrs Sarala Srinivas faced many hurdles to devote her time to achieve an evasive work-life balance as she had dual responsibilities of family and business.

“Fears of Failure” should not be viewed as an excuse to relinquish your dreams – Says Sarala Srinivas.  

She worked diligently and aggressively to achieve her goals despite all the odds and aspired to give a tough challenge. She believes in 3 factors to be successful– “Be Organized, Plan well and be truthful”. 

Mrs Sarala Srinivas is now a successful entrepreneur and inspiration for many women juggling between work and family. 

There is good news for all food lovers. In India, pickles are considered mandatory on the dining table. In today’s world, everyone is busy with a tight schedule and hardly got the time to cook and spend time with their loved ones. In such a busy schedule, it’s difficult to prepare and preserve pickles for a long time. “Sai Home Foods” is here to serve you at the doorstep with your favourite pickles and other items.